The Best Caribou Hunts

 Caribou in autumn bush

- Caribou Hunting Adventures -

Newfoundland Caribou hunt - NF02

This outfitter offers week long Caribou trophy hunts for Woodland Caribou from two different lodges. Both areas offer ideal habitat for spotting and stalking caribou. The Black Powder World Record for Woodland Caribou was taken at one of their lodges in 1994.

Experienced guides, knowledgeable in the use of rifle, bow and black powder, will do everything they can to ensure a successful and enjoyable caribou hunt. Although there are small numbers of Woodland Caribou in other locations in Canada, Newfoundland offers the only significant opportunity to take this trophy. The herd in the vicinity of their two hunting lodges contains many trophy class animals. Large males, weighing upwards of 500 lbs and sporting an impressive, mahogany colored, antlered crown is beautiful to see and a challenge to hunt.

The mating period for caribou usually occurs during the period of early October to mid November. Hunters may use bow, muzzleloader or rifle. This outfitters Woodland Caribou hunts are truly world class and are second to none in quality. For most years the success rate for non-resident bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunters is 100% on this hunt.

- Cost of the hunt including tags and tax is $8625.
- Combo hunts available as well for Caribou/Bear $9125, Caribou/Moose $11,625, and Caribou/Moose/Bear for $12,125.

Quebec Caribou Hunt - QB02

This outfitters has been offering top quality caribou hunts for over 20 years. To follow the caribou migration this outfitter has camp east, north, and west of Schefferville. Only hunting for the prime 4 weeks of the 13 week season keeps hunting at its best potential. Self owned/operated float planes makes staying on the best area possible. All camps are solid cabins with oil heat, generator, and hot shower. Very high success on harvesting 2 bulls.

- Price of this hunt is $6500 and includes round trip air taxi from Montreal and air taxi to outpost camps.
 - Includes cabins with all meals, care of harvested animals, and free bear hunting/fishing.
- License fees are extra.