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Idaho Elk Archery/Gun Hunt - ID01

This region is known for it's big bulls. Calling and stalking produce close encounters that rattle even seasoned hunters. We utilize remote camps during times of little pressure when the rut makes the big bulls vulnerable. When you book with us you will be guaranteed a tag. This is not to say they are behind every tree. The habitat is very dense and the elk have no problem retreating to secluded areas of little pressure to avoid hunters. Our strategies include reaching these isolated areas without alerting the elk. Dedication is the key to success when pursuing these elusive animals. Muzzleloader season coincides with the Deer Rut and this can make for an excellent combination opportunity.

Hunting is conducted in the Clearwater and St. Joe National Forests, Idaho, in the rugged Bitterroot Mountains. It is important to be in the best physical condition you can achieve prior to the hunt. Mules may be used to access the backcountry where elk feel safe; hunting is then actually done on foot. Be prepared for long days of hunting. Leaving camp in the dark and hunting all day is the norm. All accommodations, food, transportation and lodging are provided to our fully guided hunters once camp is reached. You will be staying in mountain tents at any one of many remote spike or base camp locations. Food is all home cooked and plentiful, no one ever goes hungry.

- Transportation to and from the airport can be arranged.
- Meat and hide will be prepared for transport.
- Meat processing as well as taxidermy can be arranged and are the hunter's expense.
- Elk - Rifle (October) $3900
- Muzzleloader & Shotgun Elk & Deer rut combo (October or November) $3900
- Elk, Archery (September) $3900

New Mexico Elk Hunt - NM01

Elk hunting in New Mexico is on a draw basis or a landowner tag option. Tags for high demand areas are hard to come by, but offer the best chance to harvest a trophy bull elk. This outfitter hunts different elevations ranging from sub-alpine 9500 feet, mixed coniferous 8500 feet, and transition below 7000 feet. This includes pinion and sage to aspen and blue spruce.

Different techniques used to hunt elk here are, glassing, and stalking, calling, waiting on trails and near water holes. Overall it is not uncommon to see bulls in the 250-350 class. In 2008 archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunters had a 100% shot opportunity on bull elk. A bull elk hunt can be a very demanding sport with endless hours of tracking, hiking, or stalking. It is for this reason that we encourage clients to arrive in the best possible physical shape in order to increase their chances of harvesting a bull elk.

To hunt bull elk with this outfitter, get a hold of us before March we can enter you into the New Mexico Non-Resident Outfitter Draw. This gives clients the opportunity to apply for quality hunts at an affordable rate. 12% of the licenses go to non-residents who choose to use an outfitter.

Guaranteed Landowner Tags: This Outfitter also offers guaranteed landowner tags for those that do not want to try the New Mexico Game & Fish draw, were unsuccessful in the draw or missed the deadline. Please call for further information and availability.

- Prices vary depending on game units; $700 - $2500 - Above Outfitter Draw Price.
- Cost of hunt is $3200.00 for 2 on 1 or $3900 for 1 on 1.