Mountain Lion Hunts

Mountain Lion aka Cougar, in the wild

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Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt - ID02

There is a tremendous amount of good lion in our area. Unlike many other states and even other regions of Idaho, we have no quota system in our area. Your chances of taking a trophy quality lion are excellent.
During our lion season we stay at a comfortable Lodge. The hunt begins in the early morning via 4X4, or as the snow deepens on sleds, looking for fresh lion tracks. Depending on the snow conditions, we also use snow machines with bobsleds to run the high country of the Bitterroots to find the mature lion tracks we seek.

This is a thrilling hunt. The scenery is beautiful with pristine mountains and rivers. Many deer and elk are seen and often present interesting photo opportunities. Our professionally trained hounds are a pleasure to hunt with. Your lion will be skinned and brought to our taxidermist or frozen for you to bring to your own. This hunt can be physically demanding, preparing in advance will increase your enjoyment.

- We provide all food and lodging for you during your hunt.
- Hunters will be picked up and dropped off in Spokane, Washington or Missoula, Montana depending on dates and weather conditions.
- Cost and season (December - January) $4200.

Nevada Lion Hunt - NV02

This outfitters five day lion hunts take place in Nevada. This hunt is done with two guides and one or two hunters. By offering two guides we feel we can provide the hunter his or her best chance at a successful hunt. Our houndsman has 18 years experience hunting lions and some of the finest hounds you will ever hunt with. He has taken lions in five different states. Our hunts are based out of Elko, Nevada but we are licensed statewide for lions and will hunt wherever conditions are best. Because these hunts typically take place in the snow and in mountainous terrain, you can make the most of your hunt by showing up in good physical condition.

Your license and tag can be purchased over the counter and you can take two lions per year in Nevada. Your hunt includes all transportation, meals and lodging until you harvest your lion or the hunt is over, whichever occurs first. We will meet you in Elko or pick you up at the airport and deliver you back to Elko after your hunt. You will be staying in motels or cabins and have dinner in a restaurant or cooked for you by our guides.

- These hunts take place between November and April.
- Prices do not include state hunting license, or tag fees.
- Cost of the hunt is $6750 and an additional lion will be $4000.