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Alberta Moose Hunt - AB02

There are a lot of moose available in this area that average between 35 and 45 inches with a couple over 50 taken each year. Be ready for long days of hunting. Up early for a good breakfast then out all day with a packed lunch to get you thru till dark. Home cooked meals for supper will be served by a full time cook. Hunts will be conducted by 4x4's to get you to prime areas and spot and stalk from there.

- Price includes transportation once at camp, food, and accommodations.
- Cost of the hunt is $5000 one on one and $6000 two on one for a six day hunt.
- Hunting run for the month of November.
- All license fees are included in cost of hunt.
- Guests are responsible for transportation to lodge, weapon of choice, and proper clothing needed.

Alberta Moose Hunt - AB06

This Moose hunt takes place in the forests of Northern Alberta about 3 hours north of Edmonton. Our area has an excellent population of moose with the trophy potential being very high. The area is a combination of forests and muskeg swamps that the moose love.

Hunting efforts are concentrated using a spot and stalk method. We will do plenty of glassing and driving the many cut lines to find the moose and then stalk in on them for the shot. This is not a very physical hunt but hunters should be in fairly good shape as they may be required to hike several miles to get into a shooting position. To be successful hunters need to be patient and trust their guide. We are very confident in our area and our outfitter. This time of year can get quite cold so we use only top quality equipment to make you as comfortable as possible to maximize your time in the field and your chance for success. Give this hunt a chance and you won't be disappointed.

This outfitter takes a limited number of hunters each year to ensure a top quality experience for all of their hunters.

- Rut Hunt - Last week of Sept. first 2 weeks of Oct. 6 day hunt. $6000
- Late Season - First week of Nov. 6 day hunt. $4500

Manitoba Whitetail Moose Hunt - MB06

This outfitter has some of the largest moose that Canada has to offer. They can weigh as much as 1600 pounds and have antlers that reach 65 inches in width, with the average being 50 inches. This outfitter has the exclusive outfitting rights for their 5000 square mile allocated area located 30-70 miles NW of Lynn Lake, Manitoba.

Their is a limited number of Moose hunts each fall. We are allocated 12 (bull only) tags by the Government of Manitoba for this exclusive area. Being the only outfitter allowed to take moose hunters in this area and it is strictly fly-in with no road access, you will not see other hunters and will have a particular area with your guide all to yourself. This is a one guide/hunter ratio hunt. Hunts are done by both boat and canoe on lakes and rivers by calling for Trophy bulls and also spot and stalk. Timberwolves may be taken on your moose tag. You may hunt with rifle, bow, cross bow or black powder, but no handguns are allowed in Canada.

7 Day Package Includes:
  • 7 full days of fully guided hunting
  • One government licensed guide to each hunter
  • 10 different remote fly-in lakes to choose from in our exclusive 5000 square mile territory,
  • Professional care of you trophy and meat
  • Heated cabins, propane lights, stove, refrigerator and freezer
  • Excellent fishing at your leisure
  • Satellite phone communication
  • 2 and 4 hunter only camps
  • Recently opened camps
Rates Include; flying, meals, skinning, caping, taxes, but not licenses or gratuities.
- 1 hunter/1 guide - $6995
- 2 hunters/1 guide - $6495 each
- License and tags are additional.
- Season dates run from the end of August until October 15th
- Prime weeks of the rut to hunt are September 21 - October 5 for the 2008 fall season.

Newfoundland Moose hunt - NF01

This is a week long Newfoundland Moose hunt. Hunts are conducted using the spot and stalk method and experienced guides can call moose within range. Small boats are utilized to cross the larger bodies of water and allow hunters to cover the area in close proximity to the main lodges. Comfortable outpost camps situated in the river valleys provide the hunter with the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, the conveniences of a modern lodge and the splendor of remote Newfoundland.

The mating period for moose usually runs from late September to early November. Newfoundland moose are classified as "Eastern Canadian" by "Boone and Crockett", "Pope and Young", and "Safari Club International". Bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunting are welcome, with this outfitters success rate for non-resident rifle hunters running over 80%.

- Cost of the moose hunt with all tags and tax included is $4925.
- You can also combo up with a bear or caribou or all three.
Moose/Bear trips are $5425, Moose/Caribou trips are $11,625, and Moose/Caribou/Bear trips are $12,125.